When I Think of Grandma

When I think of Grandma…
I think of all the times
We’d snuggle up so cozy
And hear stories of all kinds.

I think of yummy haystacks
And pumpkin pies so good,
I smell Thanksgiving turkey
And dream of tasty food.

I remember playing Yahtzee,
Fun visits to the zoo,
Or looking through an album
As she’d laugh and say, “That’s you!”

There are many things I think of
When Grandma comes to mind,
Such memories are precious,
There’s gold in them I find.

But what inspires me the most
When I think of Grandma dear,
Are the testimonies of the Lord
And how He’s been so near.

She’s battled fears and doubts,
And walked through valleys dark,
She’s made mistakes along the way
And wished storm clouds to part.

But God has been so faithful,
He has never let her down,
He’s walked along beside her
And kept her safe and sound.

Her nights have turned to dawning,
Her fears to joy and peace,
Her valleys became mountain tops,
Her mistakes revealed His grace.

My Grandma’s faith inspires me
To press on to greater heights.
Her prayers and love she has for God
Gives me a passion to know Christ.

Grandma, God has used you
In such a mighty way.
And now, with utmost pleasure,
I wish you a great birthday!

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2013

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