The Boy Who Kept Tradition

*Dedicated to my dear little brother, Daniel, who, through the providence of God, added quite a bit of humor to our family’s birth tradition. I can honestly say we did NOT plan it! :) *

Once upon a happy time,
In the year Two thousand, twelve,
A father and a mother kind
Had children counting twelve.

Four were boys who cheered their home,
Of the girls there were eight.
The girls were born in Oklahoma,
The boys, four different states.

One day the glad news was announced,
A babe was on the way!
Oh, how the children cheered and bounced,
Another one to play!

A boy or girl, what would it be?
They knew that if they stayed
In Oklahoma another girl ‘twould be,
But a boy if out of state.

They couldn’t have a boy in Washington,
Nor California, too.
Not Mississippi—that’s already been done,
Oklahoma would not do.

Excitement grew as time drew near
For the baby to be born.
They thought a girl might soon appear
If nothing changed the norm.

But, lo! They took a trip outside
The Oklahoma state.
At Grandpa’s house they did abide
In Arkansas estate.

What grand and happy time had they
While there in Arkansas.
But all to soon they had to say,
“Goodbye, we love you all!”

Yet, gone not far, they turned around,
Returned to Grandpa’s home.
In not too long they joyfully found
A baby boy their own!

How thrilled they were to welcome him,
A tiny gift from God.
The boy, no doubt, had kept tradition
And claimed his own state sod.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2013

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