Candle in the Window

Candle in the window
Softly glowing on the snow,
Dancing flame reflecting
From the pane with gentle glow.

Flickers warmly marching
Out into the chilly night,
With their golden shadows
Chasing off the child's fright.

Candle in the window
Whispers through the frosty glaze,
To the worn and weary
Beckons hope and brighter days.

Tender light reminding
Of the Greater Light Above,
Who, through simple little windows,
Shines His peace, His joy, His Love.
Copyright © Elisabeth Radfar 2016


  1. What a reminder of that which a small light in a window can be. Nothing extravagant, just possibly life-changing. "Let your light so shine..."

  2. Grandmama12/10/2016

    Just lovely! I felt warmed, loved and comforted from having read it.