Christ, My Prince

Oh, the longing, how it pines
For a prince so charming!
While my peers do find their bliss
I am still but wondering.

The tender ache oft' overwhelms
As love sends forth her blossom,
Yet, as it calls it doth remind
How God is truly awesome!

My heart doth long for a knight
Whose armor--it is shining,
A man who'd slay a dragon fierce
To spare his maid from dying.

Christ, my Savior, He's a Knight
Whose armor--it is gleaming.
The chains of sin and death He broke,
In love His Bride redeeming.

Oft' times I sit and think how nice
'Would be to have a prince
Who'd send me flowers and notes of love,
Then come and whisk me hence.

Ah! Jesus, He's the Prince of Peace,
His love for me is great.
Flowers and letters He hath given
And He'll take me thru' Heaven's gate.

Oh, how I'm longing for a man
Who'll carry my burdens heavy,
A strong arm, a hand to hold,
To guide me in the way we're heading.

My precious Lord is such a One,
He bears my heavy load,
He offers me His Own strong arm
And leads me in the Way to go.

Oft' times I dream of that sweet day
When with my love I'll walk,
And share with him all of my heart,
In sweet commune we'll talk.

The Rose of Sharon has promised that
He'll never leave my side.
He bids me pour out my heart to Him,
In wisdom He'll tender reply.

O Christ, You are my heart's desire,
I give my all to You,
For You alone can satisfy,
You always will be true.

And if, someday, You place my hand
In that of noble knight,
May our relationship display
All that is pure and right.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2016
*Psalm 73:23-28 

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  1. Ahh, but if we could see ahead, no longer would we wonder! Here we are but 4 months later and you have an answer! Praise God who answers our prayers.