Servant Forever

Through the treetops, o’re the hills
Flooding lowest vale,
There rang a message loud and clear
And reached each servant’s trail.

The year of Jubilee had come
Releasing every slave,
Each man was free to claim the world,
Wherever he could brave.

Yet, as the masses bid farewell
With eager thirst for power,
A faithful servant looked abroad
And gazed beyond the tower.

The vast adventure lay before,
So beckoning to all,
Parading trophies, flaunting dreams,
Alluring in its call.

But glamour would not charm this heart,
Nor pomp persuade his eye,
As one devoted servant turned
With but one noble cry,

“Peirce my ear, my dearest Lord,
Take me to your door;
I’ll serve no other king but Thee,
My life is only Yours.”
Her tiny feet so tender yet,
Her steps so small with joy,
Not even words of eloquence
Could her own lips employ.

But slipping softly from her seat
Upon a parlor couch,
She sweetly made her way beyond
Till father’s feet she touched,

The fame and pleasure of the world
Were of but worthless charm;
As here a little girl’s desire
Was but her daddy’s arm.

Though greatest depths of intellect
She could not fathom all,
Such purest heart, so innocent,
Rejoiced to heed his call.

Surrendered to his strength and will,
She sought not for her own,
The longing in her softened heart—
To kneel but at his throne.

For her father’s throne, so humble here,
Reflected her father’s King,
Of Whom she had been gently taught
And now desired to sing.

Then, turning round’ she beckoned all
The noble and esteemed
To come and gather round the throne
And lift a voice redeemed:

*“Pierce my ear, O Lord my God,
Take me to Your door this day,
I will serve no other god,
Lord, I’m here to stay.

“For You have paid the price for me,
With Your blood You ransomed me.
I will serve You eternally;
A free man I’ll never be.”*

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2016
*Final two stanzas by Author Unknown

Family devotions brought us to the story in the Bible of God telling the children of Israel about how they were to handle a servant that desired to remain in his master's house for the rest of his life. Following the Scripture reading and the expounding of our father, we learned a new song which our mother taught us. The description of the little girl is of my 1 1/2-year old little sister who quite encouraged our hearts. 

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