Arise, and Shine

The night, Lord, is coming,
Deep darkness draws nigh;
The Son is quite hidden 
By clouds in the sky.

The chill of the evening
Is fearfully cold;
Thro' winds of confusion
Great error is told.

The right is called wrong
And the wrong is called right,
The Light of Your truth
Is fading from sight.

The warmth of Your love,
Your mercy and grace
Retreats from a people
Rejecting Your face.

The dark night approaches
With terrible dread,
Sorrow and trouble
Adorn days ahead.

The darkness is coming,
The night, Lord, draws on;
At midnight my heart will
But praise You with song.

Arise, Lord, and shine,
For Thy glorious name;
Send forth Your Word,
Thy greatness proclaim. 

Thy lovingkindness,
Forsake not, dear Lord,
Remember Thy mercies,
Remember Thy word.

Though all of the earth 
Would run far from Thee,
And from Thy commandments
They angrily flee,

For the sake of Thy remnant
Who call on Thy name,
Oh, leave us not desolate,
Let Thy love remain.

Though long be the darkness
And cold be the night,
May You go before us
And grant us Your Light.

When midnight is passing,
O Lord, this I pray,
May we, then, with Your Light
Shine brighter than day.

Not so as to blind men
With its brightest gleam,
But so as to warm them
With Heavenly beam.

Arise, Lord, and shine,
For the darkness is come,
With kindness and love
May we lead others Home.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015