But For A Penny

 Hidden in the icy mud
There lay a copper coin,
The worth of which was hardly such
That one would dare employ.

Alone, despised, invaluable,
And freely stepped upon,
This copper coin remained untouched
As time ticked slowly on.

Then, in the chill of winter’s day,
A man came passing by,
Stooping low, he brushed the snow
From that which caught his eye.

Taking up that copper piece
Of value so remote,
He wiped away the hardened mud,
Then slipped it in his coat.

More time passed and there the coin
Sat hidden and forgotten,
It seemed to have no other use
But to fill a suit of cotton.

Then, one day, as the man was out
To purchase needed meat,
It was made known the cost was such
His dollar couldn’t meet.

A penny short—one copper coin
Was lacking from his hand;
That which had been esteemed as least
Was now in great demand.

He thrust his hand into his coat,
Reaching for a penny—
And in the time ‘twas needed most,
He found his copper ready.

But for a penny—worthless so,
Devoid of richest charm—
But for a soul, though small, despised,
Yet saved by God’s own arm,

But for that one, though hidden long,
Who seems to have no use,
But for a ready, willing man,
A vessel God can use!

No matter how inadequate
You think yourself to be,
Or if your task is something that
The world may never see;

To every man there comes a time
When he is called to do
A task unique to his design,
That only he can do.

That task may be a moment,
A season, or lifetime—
Were every 'copper' ready to
Fulfill his call divine!

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015