Just a Little Crabby

Two small crabs were once confined
Within a narrow space,
The one said to the other,
“Let us flee this dreary place.”

The one stepped foot upon the wall
To make his brave escape,
And, also, did his fellow who
Disdained the crabs’ estate.

Yet, never could they get so far
For just a simple slack;
 As one would try to climb above
His friend would pull him back.

 Oft’ times we tend to be the same,
Trapped in some dreary place,
Perhaps the gloom of crabby drab
Has left a sullen face.

 To flee the pit of pity, yea,
We do indeed desire,
But hindered by the crabs around
We all too soon retire.

Let not another pull you down
From finding joy and peace,
Press onward till you’ve reached the heights,
And share the love and grace.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2016

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