Follow the Fence

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled,
The rain torrential poured;
In stormy violence near the road
A dangerous whirlwind roared.
Two men were gazing at the sight
Not very far away,
When fascination turned to fright--
The storm had come their way!
Assessing their predicament 
They tried to quickly flee,
But blinding was the storm's torrent --
The road they could not see.
'What CAN you see?!' One man cried out.
'The fence! The fence I spy!'
'Then follow that!' Came urgent shout,
'Or we are bound to die.'
The storm is raging all around,
Great dangers are ahead.
Sometimes we cannot see the ground
Or see the road we tread.
But God has placed a boundary
To keep us in His way,
When in the storm we're floundering
He urgently will say,
'Follow the fence! Follow the fence
I've placed beside your road.
This boundary will lead you hence
And safely you will go.
I've given you authorities --
A father, mother too,
A pastor and a family 
To help to see you through.
Do not despise their counsel wise,
But honor what they say,
For though, sometimes, you'll know not why
'Twill help you not to stray.
The raging storm will sweep along --
The lost have no defense;
But you will be led safely home
By following the fence.'

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2014

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  1. This is a great challenge!
    Thank you for lending yourself to the Lord and allowing his wisdom to flow thru you!
    Love you!
    The Carsons