Strength From the Light

There was a castle on a hill
In which a king abode,
And near his high domain there lay
A crystal lake below.
The winter's chill was in the air,
The ground was hard and cold --
Do listen quietly as now
I tell a tale of old.
One day the king took notice of
That crystal lake so still,
And made this proclamation for
All those who had the will:
"One thousand rupees I will give
To him who takes my dare
To stand within that icy lake
All night without a fear."
No one would volunteer for such
Despite the charm of prize,
Except for one who boldly thought
To give the dare a try.
As sunset faded from the sky,
The people warm at home,
That one brave man stepped in the lake
To pass the night alone.
All night he stood without a flinch
As night grew darker still,
And he was there until, at last,
The sun rose o'er the hill.
When morning came, the king went out
To see how he did fare,
And to his great surprise he saw
The man still standing there!
"How did you last?" The king inquired,
"Why did you not depart?"
"O king, there was but this one thing
That cheered my fainting heart;
When cold and darkness threatened me
I looked upon the hill
And saw the glowing lamplight in
Your polished windowsill.
I fixed my eyes upon that light,
Though with a shivering hand;
So long as it was in my sight
I had the strength to stand."
Oh, soul who's in the cold, dark night,
Withstanding deathly chill,
Fix your eyes steadfastly on
The Light upon the hill.
And when, at last, the morning breaks
Eternal, bright and fair,
Our King will give reward to those
Who faithfully stood there.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2014


  1. Grandmama4/04/2015

    Beautiful poem! It encouraged my heart to keep looking at that light in every circumstance of life.

  2. Neat poem! I hope that one, though we live in a cold world, we live truly looking to the light on the hill, and secondly, we live as that light in a world that is continually getting darker and colder!