The story is told
Of a village of old
Inhabited by a king and his realm.
The town was at peace,
 Yet fear did increase
For nearby a fierce dragon would roam.

"To this terrible creature,"
 Folks asked the good teacher,
"What offering to subdue should we give?"
"A goat or a lamb,
A cow or a ram
Will suffice so the people can live.

But if, after time,
 Such gift is not fine,
A person must go in its place ~
Kind or wild,
Noble or child ~
In exchange for the fierce dragon's grace."

So day after day
The offering was made,
A lamb was fed to the beast.
Yet as time progressed,
The dragon distressed
And his hunger only increased.

A goat, then sow,
And finally a cow
Was given in hopes to subdue.
But naught could avail
The beast to repel,
A person would have to do.

The lot was cast
 And as time passed
It fell to one most fair.
The king's own daughter
The beast would slaughter,
So the kingdom the dragon would spare.

This sorrowed the king.
 He tried everything
To spare the princess from death.
No silver or gold,
Nor treasures he sold
Could deliver his daughter's last breath.

So, one fateful day,
 A crowed made their way
To the outskirts of the town.
Dressed as a bride
The princess, beautified,
Was offered to preserve royal crown.
With surge of valor
 He donned his armor
And mounted noble his steed.
With confidence,
Through forest dense,
He hastened with all speed.

   He soon caught glimpse,
Yet never winced
At the sight of the dragon fierce.
His courage rose
Without repose~
Such knight as he was scarce.

Then, just before
 That dragon roared
To lunge at princess fair,
No thought for his life,
 The knight rushed in to fight,
The princess' life for to spare.

He fought so bravely,
Never wavering,
Waged war with the savage beast.
Then, finally,
 In victory,
He won and the dragon ceased. 

"What shall I give thee
 For this noble deed?"
The king, astonished, asked. 
"No gift I require,
But this I desire
That all become Christians at last."
Such fable is legend,
 Most likely is fiction,
Yet I couldn't help but apply ~
For deep in my spirit,
It seems I can hear it,
As history profoundly replies.

There once was a dragon
That roamed near my town
And haunted me day after day.
In vain was the offering
 Of lambs for slaughtering~
That dragon demanded more pay.

You see, he was Satan,
 An angry beast fearsome,
My life he sought to destroy.
No jewels or silver,
 Nor wealthiest river
Could rescue my soul from his ploy.

Dressed as a bride
I trembled and cried
And followed the road to my death.
This my only choice,
 And that with great force,
To be scorched by the dragon's hot breath.

But, lo! Ere the dragon
 Had lunged at this pagan
A Knight appeared on the scene!
Not just a knight,
 But Prince of great light,
Jesus, the King of all kings!

He fought with great power
Throughout the darkest hour
And conquered sin and the grave.
He took Hell's black key
And won victory!
Yes, this maiden He saved.

Now all that He asks
 Is that I would rest
In His omnipotent grace,
And let my heart sing
 In praise to my King
While humbly seeking His face.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2013

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