Be Still and Know

Written around the time I had surgery early last year. I had been in the most excruciating pain I had ever felt and could not sit or walk:

If I could move about 
As others do with ease,
Myself I would forget, 
To meet my family's needs.
I'd rise up bright and early 
To make the morning meal,
And sweet would be my joy 
When pleasure others feel.
I'd tidy up our home, 
Would cheerfully do the chores,
The dishes I would wash, 
Or even wash the floors.
I'd pick up little toys 
And things that lay around,
I'd put them in their place 
To keep them safe and sound.
I'd sit and have a chat 
Or take a little walk,
And songs would fill my heart, 
Of His praise i would talk.
Great joy I'd find in serving, 
Instead of being served,
But, Lord, I'm stuck confined; 
Must something more be learned?
See all the things I could 
Be doing now for You?
This list did not exhaust 
All that there is to do.
Is not there more to life 
Than feeling handicapped?
I'd rather give a drink 
Instead of for one ask.
"Oh, My precious child," 
My Father said to me,
"It's not a waste of time; 
This is My plan for thee.
For so long you've been busy 
Running to and fro',
And now you're finally able 
To just be still and know
That I, the Lord your God, 
Will meet your every need,
I'll comfort and uphold you 
Even when you are weak.
I long to just commune 
With you, My precious child,
So share with Me your heart 
And rest in Me a while."

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2014

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