Dedicated to my little pet mouse, Picaro. 12/1/12 ~2/8/13

A little friend I needed,
A fury friend so small,
A friend full of intelligence
Who could jump so very tall.

So, one sweet night my father
Handed me a box,
I peeked inside then squealed with joy,
It wasn’t any fox.

‘Twas the cutest mouse I’d ever seen,
No larger than a key,
It jumped around like popcorn,
Resembled a small monkey.

I called him “little Picaro”
(The name was of Spanish tongue)
It meant “little monkey”
Which fit my friend so young.

Great delight was brought me
By this, my tiny friend,
As well as fun amusement of which
He seemed to find no end.

But then, one day, Picaro,
Knowing he’d lived his course,
Curled up within his bed to sleep,
To rise again no more.

I’ll miss my tiny friend a lot,
But I’m thankful for the days
Our Creator let me enjoy this pet
Before we parted ways. 

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2013

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