The Sword

Dedicated to my dear father and "The Eleazar Story"

A cloudless sky, a gentle breeze, 
A rippling brook nearby,
And leaning there upon a tree 
A young man closed his eyes.

"Oh, what could be a better day?”
Thought he, without a woe,
"To live in bliss; forsake dismay!" 
He glanced upon a roe.

His eyes so keen gazed o'er the hill; 
What beauty he beheld!
No other land was so tranquil, 
He'd seen no dearer field.

For this, indeed, was the Promised Land, 
The home of his people, his birth.
'Twas given them by God's own hand, 
The best of all the earth.

Then, suddenly, his peace did part, 
His heart began to fear!
For coming now with intent of hurt 
Was an army with swords and spears.

"Whither shall I flee?" he thought,
Looking to and fro.
Then, quenching all despair and fraught 
He turned to face the foe.

He placed his hand upon his sword
And drew it from it's sheath.
"Oh, God of Israel, I need Thee, Lord!
Grant courage to not retreat.

"I'll fight for You unto the end,
Please help me to be strong.
Thy power to me I pray Thee lend
As I fight this heathen throng."

With face of courage and arms of brass,
He fought his enemy
Until, by strength of God, at last
He gained the victory.

He looked around. His foe was dead!
He glorified the Lord!
So hard he'd fought, not once had fled,
'Till his hand clave to the sword.

Now we, like Eleazar, might
Be enjoying life in bliss.
Everything is going right,
No blessing do we miss.

But suddenly, our troubles come,
The devil tempts us sore.
Immediately we want to run
And wish our trials o'er.

Oh, may this be our prayer, instead,
Unto our God above,
That with His help we fast may stand
And fight for Him in love.

Always to His Word hold strong,
Our eyes upon the Lord,
Fight for Him against all wrong
While clinging to His Sword.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2012

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