Student Pharisee

I must admit there is a place
For further education,
However, is my goal to strive
For just a reputation?

"The righteous people, they all go
To study out the Word.
So, I must also fit right in
That my voice might be heard.

"My life at home with publicans
Is keeping me from growth.
But at the school with righteous folks
I'd finally walk in truth.

"I'd wear the standard perfectly,
An example to all men,
(And in utmost humility
I'd trip but now and then).

"Oh, what a Christian I could be
Away from home, you see,
And righteous I would be hereby
As Student Pharisee."

But, honestly, where is it that
My Lord would have me grow,
The place I'd daily learn of Him,
And practice what I know?

It's here at home in common life
With those who know me best,
Where "rubber meets the road" that faith
Is really put to test.

A candle's flame cannot be seen
Within a blazing fire,
But when it's placed upon it's stick
It's glow is much desired.

The Lord may lead you to acquire
Great knowledge or degree,
But do take heed lest you become
A student pharisee.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2014

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