What other man doth set his sail
To brave through waters deep,
Doth conquer winds and brave the storms,
And, still, his sailors keep?

What other man so valiantly
Doth blaze through valleys dim
A ‘new’ trail, long forgotten,
A quenches fearful whim?

What other man would undertake
To climb the mountain steep,
While multitudes do quickly flee
The hazards know to meet?

What other man runs right into
The front of battle lines,
Forsaking comfort of his own
To spare his family’s lives?

Many men have accomplished such,
And heroes they have been,
But few have fought the spiritual foe
To guard their homes from sin.

We owe a lot to you, father,
Such a man you’ve been to us.
You are the hero in our lives,
We pray that you’ll be blessed.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2013

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