Mother is Special

Mother is special 
Because of her love
For her dear Savior 
In Heaven above.

He is her joy, 
Her strength and song,
The shelter she runs to 
When night is long.

He’s the stable Rock 

On which she depends,

Her King, her Father, 

Her very best friend.

Her life so radiates 
Her walk with the Lord.
I know there awaits her 
No small reward

For the things she’s done 
While singing a hymn;
Even to the least of these, 
She’s done it for Him.

I love her because 
Of her choice to stay,
While the world rushes on 
Calling mothers away.

She chose to ignore 
The rat race for fame,
And rather stayed home, 
Donning lowlier name.

But, oh, while that name 
The world may despise,
Our Father in Heaven 
Has a much greater prize

Than any earthly throng 
Could ever reward,
For she’s raising children 
To serve the Lord.

I’ll always be thankful 
For her gentle love
That lead me to know 
My Savior above.

I thank my God 
For my precious Mother,
I wouldn’t trade her 
For any other.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2012

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