A simple act of culture, 
Kind hospitality,
It makes one's guest quite welcome-- 
This little cup of tea.
Whether your visit's brief,
Or for a time prolonged,
If chai you'd not been offered, 
You've just as well been wronged.
Though not uncommon is 
This spicy cup of warmth,
It sweetly signifies 
A gracious, open hearth.
The cup of chai is small, 
It gives you but a taste,
But when you're with a friend, 
You never drink in haste.
Our Father has bestowed 

Each one with 'cups of tea'--
A smile, touch of kindness, 
A thoughtful word or deed.
The moments we have to share
May be but very brief,
Or they may linger long 
And give the faint relief.
Don't hoard the cup of warmth 
In anger, pride, or greed,
But give to all who come 
Sweet 'hospitali-tea'.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2014

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