What Matters Most

With scrub brush in hand and soaps for to clean,
The vacuum right ready to conquer my dream.
I vividly pictured a sparkling tub,
Ultra-wiped mirrors and floors without mud.
The sound of the washer would soon hum away,
Yup! I’d have a clean house by the end of the day.
But, no sooner had I put the soap to my rag
I heard a small cry from my babe down for nap.
I looked at my rag and glanced at the dirt,
And sighed but a moment for my task would be hurt.
But no more than a moment, for the summon was great
And I ran to my baby whose tears did await.
I picked him right up, and his soft blankie too,
I gently smiled and gave him a coo.
Then as I rocked him and softly sang,
I saw in his eyes that he called my name.
“Mommy,” he said, “I and growing so fast.
Turn once and blink twice, my youth will not last.
When I am bigger I’ll help with the chores,
I’ll wash all the dishes and help you mop floors.
But, for now, Mommy, please just listen to me,
Your love and your care is my greatest of needs.”
A housewife I’ll be all the days of my life,
But a mommy of babes I can never be twice.

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