He Who Can See

A face of stone with empty eyes arose from sodden clay,
Carved by works of humankind with chisel sharp and grey,
It’s hands required foreign touch to form its hardened span,
Then kneeling to the idol came the fervent prayer of man;

“Oh, thou whose eyes that I have formed,
Please see my broken heart.
Thou whose hands that I arranged,
Please, grace and love impart,
O’re my sin-sick soul I plead
Great words of life so dear,
Ears I fashioned with my hand
Please hear my deepest prayer.”

The sullen silence trembled on, how vast and great the loss!
The god created out of stone was nothing more than dross.
In desperation and despair, when hope was nearly gone,
Man reached into his stricken heart, cried to himself alone;

“Oh eyes I see reflecting back,
Please see my broken heart.
Hands that I have labored with,
Please give me one more start.
From my sin-sick soul I plead 
New words of life so dear.”
But the ears that I had spoken to
Refused to hear my prayer.

Then in the bleakness of the night came rustling o’re the hills,
At first a whisper, then a shout, that pierced my soul with thrills.
A cross arose, a tomb stood bare, the clouds began to roll,
His voice so tender, yet so strong engulfed my very soul.

“He whose eyes you cannot see
Can see your broken heart. 
He whose hands you cannot touch
Will grace and love impart,
From the mouth hidden from view
Flow Words of Life so dear,
The ears not fashioned by men’s hands
Can hear your deepest prayer.”

Hand in hand with Jesus we’ll run this earthly race,
‘Till, one day, we shall see Him and look upon His face.

For Jesus Christ God’s only Son
Can mend our broken hearts,
His pierced hands are reaching out
To give a brand new start,
His mouth speaks mercy through His blood,
His arms will draw you near,
The ears of God Almighty 
Will hear your deepest prayer.

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