What If...

What if my house was always spotless,
What if my floors were clean,
What if my laundry was washed and folded,
What if my mirrors gleamed,
What if I had the time to do
Whatever I so chose,
What if my days were free to go
However I supposed,
What if the merchant shops could see
My face each Saturday,
What if my friends could meet for lunch
On every other day,
What if my nights always allowed
A snuggle with my man,
What if my sleep was never short,
My hours weren't on demand,
What if my clothes were always class
Instead of Mother-proved,
What if...what if my little babe
Was suddenly removed...

What if I never heard him cry
Or saw his trusting eyes,
What if I never held again
My precious little prize,
What if I never felt his tiny
Fingers clutching mine,
What if I never knew the awe
Of Sovereign Design,
What if I never saw his smile
Or heard his little laugh,
What if the gentle coos I heard
Was nothing but my half,
What if I never saw the world
Through a little child's view,
What if I never had the chance
To see a future new,
What if I had accomplishment
Yet never time to ponder
The miracle of life through
The mind of a child's wonder,
What if I had perfection
But never knew the joy
Of what it is to love and be loved
By a bouncing baby boy?

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