Mommy of My Babe

I gazed at my wee ladmy baby was he,
And felt so unworthy his mother to be.
Each silky-soft hair, his tiny round nose
So perfectly formed from his head to his toes.
My heart filled with wonder beholding my child,
A radiant glow filled his spirit so mild.
Yet, while so enthralled with his tender repose,
I struggled with feelings I could not disclose.
This innocent baby, with character untouched,
This gift straight from Heaven that I loved so much,
To me he was given to raise up and train,
To guide and instruct, and to make God’s way plain.
But what did perplex me and drive me to tears?
That I’d be complacent, was my biggest fear.
I sat face to face with my life’s greatest mission,
The moment had come that I’d hoped for with vision.
Yet, instead of a feeling of spiritual zeal
And swelling with passion and courage like steel,
Instead of a thrill like to climbing the steep,
I felt rather empty and inwardly weak.
I gazed at my babe while tears streamed down my face,
And cried to my Father beseeching His grace.
Then., just as the dawn would pierce through night’s dim,
My baby, though sleeping, broke forth with a grin.
His lips, small and rosy, framed such a dear smile
That would melt icy hearts, make the lame run a mile.
As if God had whispered in his tiny ear,
He sent me a message I needed to hear;
“Oh, Mommy, I am but a small, helpless babe,
But please do not cry, for I’m sure we relate.
Great spiritual zeal from victories won,
And courage astounding—of these I have none.
High aspirations I have not yet known,
For how can I reap what has not yet been sown?
I don’t need the feelings of passionate pride,
I just need loving arms, open and wide.
I don’t need eloquence, just whispers of love,
Words that will tell me of Jesus above.
I don’t need and orator, and actor, or queen,
I just need a mommy who’ll rock me to sleep.
I need but a caring ear to hear when I cry,
I need warm and tender hands to draw me so nigh.
So, Mommy, don’t weep for prestige or for pride,
Just hold to my little hand—in your love I will thrive.

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