The Vow

Wherever you may go,
Wherever you may lodge,
Your people shall be mine,
Your God shall be my God.
This I vow to you,
To you I will be true,
In sickness and in health,
Poverty or wealth,
Always only loving you.

This day I hold your hand,
(So tenderly your hand)
And give you all my heart,
(The deepest of my heart)
And as a golden flame
(A candle's golden flame)
We shall never part.
(No, never part)
Side by side we'll go
(By your side I'll go)
And journey on life's way,
(Toward Heaven's Day)
Thru' the darkest night,
Beneath starry light,
Even to a brighter day.

And we will write our sorrows in the sand,
And all our blessings we will write in stone,
From this day forward we'll go hand in hand,
Until death us part you'll never walk alone.

I promise I'll be true,
With loyalty to you,
All that was once my own
I now do share with you.
Before our God above,
We now are made as one.
I take you as my own,
Together we will grow,
Until this our journey's done.

This I vow to you,
Promise I will do,
Until this our journey's done.

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