Leave Their Souls To Me

In suit and tie with evil eye
Rose Hitler to the stand,
He spoke with ease that would appease
All those of Daniel's Band.
Polished pews and pulpits screwed,
He promised with a gleam,
They could preach, yet with a breach,
Full Liberty it seemed.
They wouldn't hurt, he said with kirt,
If they stayed within their walls,
He'd separate the Church and State
So religion wouldn't fall.
But one young man who'd sat at hand,
Had heard enough smooth say,
This preacher boy had seen the ploy
And forward made his way.
Eye to eye with courage high,
To Hitler thus he told,
"We don't need our buildings freed,
We want our Country's souls!"
Then, like he dwelt an infidel,
His friends became his foe,
Those he thought had with with him wrought;
The words were his alone.
They got him out so quick and stout
As Hitler smiled to see,
"The steeple's yours," he said in course,
"Just leave the souls to me."
So, buffing pews, butchering Jews,
He made a hell in heaven,
While preachers swayed the other way,
Continued in fair livi'n.
But not yet told of Hitler old
Is horror's endless feat,
Six million snuffed was not enough
For Hitler's hungry teeth.
In bloodthirsty rage a slaughter has waged
As the innocent are plucked from their homes,
We cover our eyes at the screams and the cries,
Then hurry on to live lives of our own.
A hell has been made on heaven's domain,
The Hiding Place has been betrayed,
That which had been the safest for men
Has into a Death Camp been made.
Sometimes we teach and solemnly preach,
"It's not right! It should not be this way!"
But the Hitlers just smile through their teeth and their wiles
As they stealthily whisper to say,
"Go polish your shoes and straighten your pews,
And preach to your walls' population;
The steeple is yours but the people are ours,
Yes, ours are the souls of the nation."
Oh, where are the men who will stand up to sin
And fight to save innocent lives?
Where are the women who'll take what God's given
And defeat the Feminist lies?
Are we to go on living dreams of our own
While the lions devour our babes?
Or will we arise and speak up for their cries
And demand for their souls to be saved?

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