The Golden Coin

A lovely, golden coin—
How it shimmered in the light!
I turned it over in my hand
With glee and much delight.

What richness it inspired
As I felt each rounded edge,
My finger traced each symbol
That resembled money’s pledge.

I thought I’d found true wealth
Within this golden coin,
But, alas! it was in vain
For its richness was employed.

Beneath the shining gold,
Which wasn’t truly gold,
Was just a little chocolate piece
Wrapped in a paper fold.

This golden coin could not be used
To purchase needed meat,
But of itself it only gives
A taste of useless treat.

If such a golden coin
Was placed within a fire,
The golden wrap would burn away,
The substance would retire.

Some folks are like that coin—
Their outward shines like gold,
But underneath the covering
The truth of them is told.

They have the looks and skill,
They know the talk to talk,
But when the rubber meets the road
They know not how to walk.

They advertise as true—
Display the marks of worth,
But nourishment they do not bring,
So brief their valued mirth.

When tribulations come,
Their cover burns away,
And strength and sweetness tucked inside
Is melted right away.

Do search thy heart of hearts
And ponder what’s inside;
Are you of true gold thru’ and thru’
Or just some chocolate pride?

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015

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