Cup of Love, Communion

Long ago, when a Jewish man
Went out to take a bride,
His father, then, would go with him—
The dowry they’d decide.
If the father of the bride agreed,
The groom would take a cup
And offer to his chosen one
A symbol of his love.
That cup of wine would represent
His life laid down for her,
A token of the tender care
For her he would ensure.
And though he had not died for her,
It signified his heart
That, should the need ever arise
He’d bravely do his part.
Then, if the chosen bride received
The cup he offered her,
Betrothed to him, the marriage was
Upon her groom’s return.

Many years ago, our Savior came
From Heaven to seek His own.
In deepest love and richest grace
He left His Father’s Throne,
Became a lowly, human man
To enter sinful world;
He who had lived in Paradise
Fulfilled His spoken Word.
He did lay down His precious life
For His beloved Bride—
A Bride who was enslaved by sin,
Abused and left to die.
His gentle voice brought life anew,
His strength secured her soul,
His tender touch soothed every wound,
His friendship made her whole.
That cup of wine He offered her
Before He gave His life;
A cup of love inviting her
To be His chosen wife.
As she partakes of that sweet cup,
Accepting of His love,
Communion is their fellowship;
Betrothed she is thereof.
Awaiting, patient, for the day
He comes to claim His Own,
His Bride prepares to meet her Groom
And join Him at His Throne.  

  Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015

*Please Note: Just because it is stated as Jewish tradition does not indicate that every Jewish household followed such customs. Not every family held to the Jewish traditions as strongly; and even when given commandments by God, not every household obeyed those laws as seen in the Old Testament. 

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