Heaven Will Be Sweeter

A little girl looks out the window,
Fighting back the tears.
She waves 'goodbye' and watches sadly
As her friend now disappears.

"Why must we always say 'goodbye'
To those we love so dear?"
And this is what her mother says,
Holding her daughter near:

To everything there is a time
And a season on earth below.
Set not affections on the cares of life,
But in Heaven, where we will go.

Though to part with friends and dear ones
May at times seem hard to bear,
It will last but for a moment, 
Then we all will gather there.

Heaven will be all the more sweeter
When this life we have passed through;
We will never say 'goodbye' again 
When we gather there anew.

Together we will praise the King,
In our Father's courts we'll stay.
Yes, Heaven will be much sweeter
And 'goodbye' we'll never say.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015

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