One Day at a Time

Sometimes on life's road
The way gets dreary,
As we carry our load
We oft get weary.
But when our strength is gone
He proves again
That He giveth a song
When we trust in Him.

When I cannot see
The step ahead,
When the mountain is steep
And I'm filled with dread;
I need not fear,
Just trust His plan,
For my Savior is near
And He holds my hand.

Come sunshine or rain,
Comfort or testing,
I'll never complain
For He is with me.
When I am weak,
My Lord is strong.
To Him I will cling,
He will lead me on...

One day at a time
I seek His face,
One day at a time
He gives me grace.
I'll not fret o'er tomorrow
As I walk in His way,
Its joys I'll not borrow,
For His grace is today.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015

*This is a song

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