Token of Love

(II Thessalonians 1:3-5)

A token, just a token,
Yet no man can fain replace;
A small symbol of things celestial,
That we ought but to embrace.

As a ring of gold with pureness told
Is a token of our love,
His sacrifice and our faithfulness
Portrays the greatest love.

Adorned and holy matrimony
On earth does represent
Christ and His Bride--so beautified,
A love that's Heaven-sent.

As new love blooms like a flower in spring,
And bursts forth bright and fresh,
So true love lasts like the evergreen,
Still glows when days are harsh.

Such faithfulness and tender grace
'Neath skies of billowed storms,
So gently heals and safely seals 
The soul that's scared by thorns.

In tribulations, persecutions
Our love for Him endures;
No separation from salvation--
Our souls He doth secure.

His love for us--what sacrifice!
His grace so rich abounds.
Our simple faith and patient wait
Will hear His trumpet sound.

A token, just a token,
We share with human race,
A small symbol of things celestial
Reflects His love and grace.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2016

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