Villages in the Wilderness

On earth where only few have trod,
Where ancients once possessed,
Remains the remnant of their lot
Lost in the wilderness.

Their footprints pack the dusty road
Where not a car distressed,
Upon their backs they bear their load,
Lost in the wilderness.

The sunshine knows their sweat-bathed brow,
Though others gaily dress,
To make their meat they humbly plow,
Lost in the wilderness.

They live a meager entity
With sacred faithfulness,
Devoted to their deities,
Lost in the wilderness.

And one by one they cease to be,
Unknown by righteousness,
Their souls for which no man will plea,
Lost in the wilderness.

Will you not heed the sounding cry
To light their deep darkness,
And go unto those forlorn souls
Lost in the wilderness?

Proclaim to them the glorious Word
Of hope and great forgiveness,
That they may praise the One True Lord,
Even in the wilderness.

Copyright © Elisabeth Linzey 2015

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